The ATLAS tee presents a graphic based on an octopus encompassing a pagoda. Pagodas are tiered towers found throughout Asia. The word ‘atlas’ is associated with maps, globes and travel which is a common theme through Clouded. Atlantis translates to ‘island of Atlas’ and has symbolism to the lost city of Atlantis – an underwater ancient world full of imperial superpower.

A black long sleeve is always a classic piece to have in the wardrobe. A perfect piece for versatility featuring an original Clouded Label print in a light grey.

Our Force of Nature tee resembles the climate crisis we are facing on our Earth. The affects of our way of life is harming our planet and we need to make a positive change to ‘rebirth our earth’.

The Geisha is a symbol of grace and beauty in Japanese Culture. They are respected within Japan for being highly skilled entertainers. The design features a traditional Geisha in a kimono and kanzashi (hair ornament), combined with ideas of a Samurai. She holds a Katana, similar to the Katana tee, and with a dragon tattoo, similar to the Ryu tee, to complete a feminine and masculine design. The kanji means ‘geisha’.

Katana is a Japanese sword which represents the Samurai’s soul. It symbolises ‘mannered refinement and incredible ferocity’. ‘Tora’ translates to tiger from Japanese, which symbolises courage, protection and strength. The kanji within the clouds translates to ‘tiger’.

The ORBIT tee features two koi fish orbiting round a globe, surrounded by vintage blue clouds. The colourway follows a blue hue, with pops of red and white. Graphics are on the front and back of the tee, keeping very on the Clouded trend with the globe and clouds on the front centre. Perfect tee for styling with similar colours like blue jeans, grey joggers or clash it with brights or other neutrals!

Our best seller tee is now available in a sweatshirt – just in time for colder months! Everyone loved the sage green combination with the vintage Japanese dragon graphic.

‘Ryu’ translates from Japanese to ‘dragon’ which is the main focus of this design. In Japanese culture, the dragon is a symbol of good luck, strength, wisdom and balance. The fans and lanterns are also common symbols of Japanese style and culture, sentiment to the streets of Japan. The kanji (Japanese writing) on the lanterns translates to ‘heaven’ and the kanji at the top of the print translates to ‘dragon’.

I love chilling in a soft active bra – so we had to bring one in to a Clouded Label launch! Featuring a basic, outline text logo and our Clouded globe on a black racer back sports bra. It’s stretchy, comfy and of course – unisex, versatile and sustainable!

“Sora” means ‘sky’ in Japanese, and is a unisex name.
In Japan, cherry blossoms or ‘sakura’ symbolise renewal and rebirth. They are the country’s national flower and blooming season only lasts about two weeks. They represent how fragile life is and how we should enjoy every moment and make the most of what we can do while we’re here. Optimism of new dreams and how the future is full of possibilities.

Torii gates are traditional entrances to a sacred Shinto shrine in Japan, a common symbol of Japanese culture. The rest of the design features ‘Ichigo Ichie’ – the Japanese phrase meaning to embrace uncertainty and live in the moment. The design is set out in the style of a Japanese columns and signs.