Our Story

This is a place that excels in all things creative, fun and fresh and we want you to join our journey. Fassion was founded with the aim to bridge the gap between designer and customer. Working to empower emerging voices and facilitate industry exposure at no cost while simultaneously providing an indispensable tool for the industry. Built upon the ideals of collaboration, transparency, shared creation, and the belief that the future of innovation happens in an environment that is limitless.

Become a designer

Calling all designers! We want you to sell your exclusive designs nationwide, gaining customer feedback as you go, to become the accomplished designer you are destined to be. We want you to be thanked, applauded and out-right celebrated for the jaw-dropping, original pieces you bring to the table. This is a chance to take the first step towards a successful career in design, whilst gaining valuable exposure and earning some well-deserved cash.
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Find unique Clothes

For our customers, this is your opportunity to rewrite the rules of mainstream fashion. We want you to get to know the talent behind the clothes you have to have. You can communicate with your favourite designers, follow their design journeys and buy the end product. You will have access to a diverse and unique range of clothing that you can trace right back to the final thread. We want you to test your style, make bold choices and switch up your wardrobe with the freshest designs.
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Our Mission

To create a community that celebrates creativity and individuality through fashion.