Our Story

So, now you know YOU are one of US, getting started is easy.

We have two account options for our FASSION CREATIVES:


If you have already started selling your designs or have been working hard to create a collection, we make sure the customers can find you. Here you can fill your homepage with everything you have designed, start selling and begin to express your label’s identity. You can share the creative projects you have been working on and give your following insight into your design process. You will receive endless customer feedback and find out the many reasons why your work is loved. It is time to take your business to the next level and keep thriving as a successful independent label.

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It doesn’t matter where you are starting from or the skills you have, our social features let every designer showcase their talents. Here you will be surrounded by creativity and hard work to keep you feeling inspired. You can create a blog and post the projects you have been working on to share your ideas and build an online portfolio. This is a place to express your creative voice and build a following for the content you post. Before long, you will be ready to get your designs out on the streets and will have already found the perfect customers to wear them.

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And what about everyone else?

For our fashion-loves and trendsetters, we want you to express your style, experiment with your wardrobe and fall in love with our FASSION creatives. We want your shopping experience to be about more than buying clothes. Here you are part of a community – a place to support and celebrate independent fashion like never before.